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Line clearing 1970’s Style

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“Our goal is to produce the best possible result for our clients within the
boundaries of safety, environment and cost.”

From the rough sandy track that passed for the Stuart Highway in the early Seventies to the smooth click free rails of the new Alice to Darwin rail link of the 21st century, we’ve been there! Think of a major infrastructure development anywhere in the Northern Territory in the last thirty plus years and chances are one of us was there; for the last twenty plus years it’s likely our company was involved in some way. Click here to go to a more comprehensive record of our company’s growth.

Along the way we’ve managed to up grade our machinery somewhat; from a faded orange ute to our shiny thirty tonne articulated dump trucks of today. We learned long ago how to move dirt efficiently in order to survive in business but nowadays there’s a lot more to working efficiently than just moving dirt.

Our record working under the strictest OH&S requirements of today’s construction sites and the use of OEM personnel for programmed plant maintenance pays valuable dividends. Our insurance premiums are amongst the lowest in the industry and plant availability amongst the highest.

The time line on our Projects page will tell you a little more about some of the projects we have been involved with over the years and the accompanying photographs will give you some insight into our company’s practical capabilities. Don’t miss the “bog log” on our Gallery page to bring a chuckle, or perhaps a blush, if you were responsible for some of the embarrassing situations preserved forever! There’s a couple I’d rather forget!!

Check out our Whispers page for pictures and up to date information about the latest projects we are involved with.

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