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Stokes Hill Wharf - Australia - The Movie - Gentlemen!?

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Stokes Hill Wharf - Australia - The Movie - Flight Crew and Porters

July 2007

With construction of the movie set complete, it was time for the stars to turn up. And they did, Australia's best, in droves... Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, Bill Hunter, and David Gulpilil... even though this is home for him, he was filming in Bowen with everyone else. Hundreds of Darwinites who applied for jobs as extras were soon wittled down to a lucky few; checkout these dapper gents :-)

Prewar Darwin had a regular flying boat service... well, according to the movies anyway! No, it really did; by all accounts it was a very luxurious way to travel... albeit very expensive too! The expanded image shows the Empire Airways porters and flightcrew awaiting their well heeled passengers.


Stokes Hill Wharf - Australia - The Movie - Lora Norder!

Stokes Hill Wharf - Australia - The Movie - Baz Luhrmann Directs


Keeping a watchful eye on proceedings, with probably an occassional glance over the edge to see if Nicole was headed their way, were these four 1940's style policemen. Complete with side arms, looks like there wouldn't be much they couldn't handle... 'specially nosey photographers!

The bloke that was really keeping an eagle eye on things was the noted producer/director, Baz Luhrmann. His attention, to even the tiniest detail, is such that it was the colour of the water that made it unthinkable for him to film these water shots anywhere else except Darwin! That's him, surrounded by cameras, and microphone in hand, cajoling the best from everyone, afloat and ashore, with the aid of his loud hailer.


Stokes Hill Wharf - Australia - The Movie - Hugh Jackman!

SitzlerLO'R - Convention Centre Conga Line!


Without a doubt, as far as the ladies were concerned anyway, the man of the movie was Hugh Jackman. Seen here cruising just off the wharf for the umpteeth re-take, Hugh's character is rescuing a large group of orphan mission children. He was big hit all 'round, taking time every day to pose for photos with the hundreds of onlookers that crowded the wharf to watch the filming.

The filming was very intense, but it was all over in two weeks and a week later not a sign remained... all back to normal :-( Lest you think that nothing else happened on site for July, check out the conga line on the roof of the covention Centre :-)

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