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This is not intended to be a comprehensive list of things to see and do in and around the city area, but merely a taste of the fascinating past and exciting future of Australia's most cosmopolitan city! We have attempted to select some of the faster loading and/or more visual sites from the thousands on offer, and would welcome any suggestions for additional entries or changes.

Click on most of the titles for further information; some entries have additional embedded links. You will need a selection of readily available plug-ins to view some of the links. If you need to, click here to download the Ipix plug-in, here for Quicktime and here for Flash. The maps referred to here can be viewed and/or downloaded on our Location Page; they will open in a separate window for easy cross-referencing. There is one "WALK MAP" for the main city area and one "DRIVE MAP" for surrounding areas.





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The Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory
This fascinating museum complex alongside Vestey's Beach, facing onto the tranquil waters of Fannie Bay, is far more comprehensive than the opening page would indicate; but dig deeper, there's a lot of helpful information buried within. Click here to find out opening hours for the museum, plus lots of information about other interesting places such as the Fannie Bay Gaol and Lyons Cottage (aka BAT House). here. WALK MAP 3

Mindil Beach Markets
At least one visit to these world famous sunset markets is a must for anyone visiting during the dry season; WALK MAP 4. Their site provides all the necessary details and has some great photos in the gallery. Click here to visit a Darwin City Council (DCC) site which will open to the page with an overview of all the various markets and the times that they are on. You can use the navigation features on this site to find out pretty well anything there is to know about our City Council. Not to be missed are the equally famous Parap Markets, DRIVE MAP 10; they run all year around and are much loved by us locals! Before visiting, checkout this site, click on the photo to enlarge it and then look at the trees on the right (this is Parap Markets! the runway is now Ross Smith Avenue). When you visit, simply walk across the road and down the lane next to Parap Village Apartments; hidden away in this quiet location you will find the other birthplace of inter- continental air travel in Australia.

Government House
This will take you to the opening page of this government site about our Administrators beautiful "House of Seven Gables". The "House and Garden" page will give you a brief history of the building and historic rooms. If you so desire, you can navigate from the bottom of the page to the myriad sites regarding the various roles and functions of our NT Government. WALK MAP 35


Myilly Point Houses
These houses are a wonderful example of tropical architecture at it's best and when you consider that they were built in 1939 you have to wonder where we're going with most of our new design!! WALK MAP 7

This site is self- explanatory and is a must do for all ages. WALK MAP 12

Lyons Cottage
This link will take you to a very interesting site that was created as part of Australia's Centenary of Federation celebrations. The main site refers to the construction of the Overland Telegraph Line, and has a lot of audio and excellent Virtual Reality (VR) sites about and along the path of the line; the first site you open into showcase Lyons Cottage. These sites will take a few moments to load depending on the speed of your connection but your patience will be rewarded with a panoramic view of this beautiful stone building and, behind the parked cars, a glimpse of the Esplanade, the foreshore park along the front of our great city. This building was the home of BAT, the British Australia Telegraph Company. There are other VR's of the inside of the building etc, and to listen to some fascinating Territorians, click here and then click on a friendly face. WALK MAP 19

Fannie Bay Gaol
This site is part of the NT Government heritage website, and from here you can navigate to all kinds of land and environment information. DRIVE MAP 6

Indo Pacific Marine
This site will give you some idea of this quite amazing aquarium; try and get an evening visit towards a full moon to view the coral reef by night! WALK MAP 41

Australian Pearling Exhibition
This site is connected with the Museum site. The exhibition houses a comprehensive collection about the long history of the pearling industry in northern Australia. WALK MAP 40

WW2 Oil Storage Tunnels

WW2 Oil Storage Tunnels
These fascinating tunnels were first opened as a tourist attraction in 1992 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the bombing of Darwin. Since then thousands of people have strolled through to discover for themselves just how much effort went into defending Australia's front door. Click here for prices etc.WALK MAP 38

Wharf Precinct
This site gives an overview of visitor facilities on our historic wharf and surrounds. Click here and enter the word "wharf" (or any other that takes your fancy) to take you into the NT Library's database for some amazing photos from the past. WALK MAP 39

Browns Mart
This link will open at a comprehensive history of this beautifully restored building, and the navigation around the page will tell you all about the great use it's been put to nowadays. WALK MAP 34

Supreme Court Building
Opening this link will again take you to a VR image to give you some idea of the scale of the wonderful mosaic in the floor of the Supreme Court foyer. You can read about its story, and if you have an interest in matters legal, navigate the site from here to find out about the functions of this building, but only by visiting can you appreciate the full scale of all the art works displayed in this grand, yet contemporary, building. WALK MAP 32

Parliament House
This site will tell you about the home of Australia's newest parliament. Although sometimes referred to as "The Wedding Cake", it is a truly impressive building. Despite the fierce winds generated in parliamentary debate, we must remember the gusts of cyclones like Tracy to realize what this building may have to withstand! Click here to get some idea of what will surely come again someday. To view the building and harbour, click here for another great Centenary of Federation site. This building is also the home of the Territories Reference Library, the entrance to which is formed partly by the remnants of the Darwin PO, destroyed in those first, terrifying moments of February 19th, 1942. It is open to the public and contains a wealth of research material, and very helpful staff, for anyone wanting to do in depth research.


Darwin Cenotaph
Here you will find a sobering reminder of the darker and sadder days of our recent history; we will respectfully leave it to the sites author to recount the litany of those brave souls who made the ultimate sacrifice. The author has himself now passed on (2006), but the site is still available from archived data.WALK MAP 29


Survivors Lookout
There is no web site to go with the descriptive plaques at this great lookout over the wharf area, scene of so much devastation and bravery in the opening days of WW 2 on Australian soil. WALK MAP 36

Aboriginal Art Gallery
It seems appropriate now to present a site about a business, and a fantastic display of artworks, created by the first group of people to defend this great land. That we live in a time of increasing realisation of the stupidity and futility of peoples and cultures trying to exist in isolation bodes well for a bright future for all of us in this beautiful and bountiful country. WALK MAP 20

Framed Gallery
This site displays just a fraction of the artworks of all types, from all over Australia, displayed in this wonderful gallery, well worth a visit. WALK MAP 9

Stuart Memorial/Highway
This archived site will allow you to read about many of the courageous souls who ventured into what was for them the great unknown. Today's roads often follow their tracks, and such is the case with the Stuart Highway, which follows Stuart's routes mapped out for the Overland Telegraph. The monument at the northern end of Smith Street Mall commemorates Stuart's arrival at the northern end of our continent. Click here to go directly to an archived Stuart site. Alas many of these historical sites are going down as the years progress, and are only available by using the Internet Archive. When strolling along the Smith Street Mall, keep an eye out for the interpretive plaques in the footpaths and explanatory signs along some shop fronts. WALK MAP 21

Lameroo Beach

Esplanade/Lameroo Beach
There is no specific web site for this beautiful escarpment along the Darwin foreshore but when you're in Darwin, after viewing the Cenotaph, venture northwards and check out the many interesting places along here. Lameroo Beach, below the cliff, was the site of Darwin's old swimming baths and joss houses, and reputedly where some of Darwin's leading citizens were conceived during the heady, hippy days of the Sixties. Click here to read a touching story about the USS Peary Memorial that stands in memory of those brave Americans who also gave their lives for us. The stopover by President Obama in November, 2011 after a whirlwind trip to Canberra, to attended a special memorial service and to lay a wreath here, shows the deep significance of this site for Australians and Americans alike.WALK MAP 28

Chinese Temple/Museum
This site will open at the Home page; use the menu in the left hand column to access the Chinese Temple or the Museum, or indeed anything else that may interest you. The heading "Related Websites" will take you to websites depicting many facets of Chinese life all over Australia and, in fact, all over the world; click here to see how to write your name in Chinese. We can't urge you enough to visit these fascinating buildings and explore their history. For example, the large stone lions in front of the temple disappeared after WW 2 from the Kwong Sing Di Temple at Brocks Creek, where they stood in front of the grandest joss house outside Darwin, having been imported from China in the heady gold rush days of the late 1800's.They were eventually recovered and installed, with great pride, in their new home. Visitors are welcome to take pictures, but please bear in mind that the temple is in daily use and refrain from taking photos whilst people are praying. Don't miss lunch or, at least, a coffee in the restaurant next door in Litchfield St. WALK MAP 25

George Brown Botanic Gardens

George Brown Botanic Gardens
This colourful site contains a wealth of information about these wonderful shady parklands which are more than 100 years old. These gardens, and the time telling fountain, are just the spot for a relaxing detour en route to Mindil Beach Markets or a quiet picnic at any time. Beside the fountain you'll find the relocated Wesleyan Church, Darwin's oldest remaining church. WALK MAP 8

Charles Darwin National Park

Charles Darwin National Park
Unfortunately the photo on this link doesn't do justice to the great views; the image to the left will give you a better idea of what to expect as you approach the lookout. A short (10 min) drive from the city will reward you with a range of fully intact WW 2 munitions bunkers and sweeping views back over Francis Bay, the Wharf (old and new) and the city skyline. DRIVE MAP 12

Damoe-Ra Spring/Walk
This is a lovely shaded walk down some steps and around the foreshore to the oil storage tunnels or the wharf. WALK MAP 30

Chinaman's Walk
Nowadays called Traveller's Walk; this walk has seen a lot of travellers before visitors of the modern era! The linked site is currently down :-( Hot and weary visitors used to be able to call into the Stella Maris seafarers club and enjoy a coldie but, alas, that's now closed too :-( :-( WALK MAP 38

Crocodylus Park
Interested in finding out about our articulated logs? This site will allow you to take a pictorial tour of all the great displays they have to offer, as well as directions to get there.

Territory Wildlife Park
If you only take one tour while you're in Darwin, this is it; not to be missed!! Tours are readily available from Darwin or it's only about an hours drive if you have a car; there's lots to see so allow most of the day. Berry Springs, right next door, is a time honoured place for a cool dip before the drive back to Darwin

East Point Military Museum
For history buffs, don't leave Darwin without going here! This arguably a better display than the one in our national capitol's War Museum by virtue of the fact that the history portrayed happened right here, in, and in the immediate vicinity of, the museum. There is no longer a web site for this fascinating display but, if you click here you can go to a wonderfully informative site, "Federation Frontline", about Darwin's role in WW2; just select your preferred viewing option. DRIVE MAP 3

Darwin Aviation Museum
Don't miss the awe-inspiring sight of a B52 bomber parked inside!! All Australian boys need a "shed" like this.

Darwin Trailer Boat Club
This site will fill you in on all you need to know about Darwin's powerboat scene; this is THE place if you're one of those mighty group who think fishing is the world's greatest religion. DRIVE MAP 7

Darwin Sailing Club
The first link will take you to the club's site where you can check them out, but don't miss clicking here for another Centenary of Federation VR presentation of one of the world's greatest sunsets! DRIVE MAP 8

Ski Club

Darwin Ski Club
No links, but if you're into partying, music, dancing and sunsets don't miss this place Friday, Saturday and Sunday; it's for you! WALK MAP 1

Dinah Beach Cruising Yacht Ass'n
If you're floating 'round the world, or you'd like to, this is your spot; full of life's friendly travellers. DRIVE MAP 14

Deckchair Cinema
Sit back, relax, enjoy the show!!...no really. The experience of sitting next to Darwin's majestic harbour, which is more than twice the size of Sydney Harbour, watching a movie, on a balmy tropical evening under a brilliant starlit canopy is not to be missed. Believe it or not, you may even need a light cardigan or some such, the lapping waters soon cool the evening breezes. As with all outdoor activities, protect yourself against mossies. WALK MAP 42



Darwin has many fine restaurants, pubs and bars. We have picked out some of the bars only because you may not find them easily; rest assured they are all deserving of a visit (constant quality control by the author takes care of that!). Likewise restaurants, it's impossible to do them all justice; just a sampling for those special occasions when you need to really kick up the heels! A stroll along any inner city street, or a chat with a local, will reveal yet another of someone's favourite watering holes or eating establishments.  

Mandorah Beach Hotel
Ease the old conscience by combining touring and a counter lunch! Catch the ferry from Cullen Bay Ferry Terminal and enjoy a 15 minute ride across our beautiful harbour then, after the epic walk (5 mins!) to the pub, reward yourself with an ice cold beer, a steak sandwich, perhaps! another cold beer or two, and start considering whether to book in for the night or catch the next ferry back to town. Ferry: WALK MAP 6

Lizards Bar and Grill

Lizards Outdoor Bar and Grill
As the name implies, this is a beer garden "par excellence" in the finest of Darwin traditions. It's very popular so can be a bit crowded but what the hell, weathers warm – beers cold – perfect! WALK MAP 13

Hanuman Restaurant

This is one of Australia's finest Thai/Nonya restaurants; if exquisite Asian food is to your liking, book now! Click here to read about the owner and other Darwin restaurateurs, or here to read a brief review of most Darwin restaurants by one of Australia's leading critic's; you can link from there to read about other Darwin (or elsewhere in Australia) restaurants. WALK MAP 26

Tim's Surf and Turf
This charmingly tropical restaurant, in the middle of the city, is open Monday to Friday for lunch and dinner; once inside the beautiful gardens the rest of the world is a million miles away! There is plenty of air-conditioned seating for the temperature challenged amongst you. Ph (08) 8981 1024 WALK MAP 24

Located at the rear of the Museum/Art Gallery, this is dining with a view.  WALK MAP 2

Peewee's on The Point
For that romantic anniversary etc, the evening view off Peewee's front deck is to die for! DRIVE MAP 3

If you'd like a touch of jazz with your Thai/ Indian/Malay cuisine, then you won't beat this place!! Cool jazz hot food! WALK MAP 11

Mex-plus in Parap, BYO New owners, same great service. Open evenings Tuesday to Saturday inclusive. Ph (08) 8981 2641 DRIVE MAP 9

Cullen Bay Fine food. They're not hard to find but their toilets got them onto the list; the most spectacular toilets in the country bar none!! WALK MAP 5

Cullen Bay is a haven for restaurant goers, restaurants of all descriptions, cheapies to top shelf!


A Few Food Notes:

Mitchelli's Pizza Café
Got the munchies, head here to the Transit Centre WALK MAP 18 at 69 Mitchell St. See Vaughn; if he doesn't look after you – just bash him, he'll love it; fully licensed – top pizza!! Ph (08) 8941 7500

Neptune's Warehouse (formerly Wahning Seafood)
Other than when the trawlers come in to Francis Bay Marina (the Duck Pond), this is the only place I know that you can buy fish etc "off the ice". The owners also have their own barramundi farm; click here if you'd like to find out how it all happens ! You'll find the shop at Unit 1, 7 Cato St, Winnellie. Ph (08) 8984 3638 DRIVE MAP 11

For a full shop, the closest place to Ti Tree Apartments is Woolies, about four blocks away. WALK MAP 16

Shell Daly St
Half a block back from Ti Tree Apartments on the Stuart Highway, the Shell garage, open 24 hours, has a small stock of basics for those forgotten or late night items. WALK MAP 10



Darwin Airport Shuttle Bus
This is the cheapest way to get into the city unless you're sharing a cab, and they provide a door-to-door service to all city accommodation areas and places en route. Coaches are air conditioned with luggage stored in trailers, servicing all domestic and international flight arrivals and departures at the airport 24 hours a day. If notified they also make transfers to and from the light aircraft terminal. Tickets are currently $9.00 pp one way or $16 pp return with discounts for groups of three or more. Purchase tickets from the driver or the Transit centre in shop 15, 69 Mitchell St. It is suggested that outbound bookings be made the night before departure to ensure timely pickup but they're very amenable and bookings can usually be fitted in at short notice. WALK MAP 17

Bookings: Freecall 1800 358 945, Ph (08) 8981 5066, Fax (08) 8981 5377,

                Email airportshuttle@octa4.net

Hire cars/taxis/minibuses
These services are available as in all capitol cities. Taxis may be hailed at any location but hire cars and minibuses must be booked in advance.

Tour Tub
Click here for a full rundown about the many services provided by this great company. Once you're in the city this is the way to tour; open shaded mini bus, informed commentary, hop on hop off all day at all city tour destinations, discounts galore - $35; about every hour, roughly on the hour at the Mall Knuckey St stop. WALK MAP 21 Just hail the driver pretty well anywhere! They have air-conditioned buses for the wet season (BEST!! time to visit). If you fancy catching your own dinner, fish or succulent muddies, these are your guys, click here for all the info. On a crabbing trip, they'll even cook 'em up for you; just let them know when booking!

$2.50 Bus/Arafura Shuttle
For general travel around the city area, the $2 bus (now $2.50) is the way to go. You need to ring them (24hrs/7days) or go to the ranks; Mall/Knuckey, About Coffee Mitchell St, or Cullen Bay - Ferry Terminal and outside Tim's On The Bay

Bookings: Ph (08) 8981 3300

Rental Cars
Available in all shapes and sizes; pick your favourite or ring around for one of the many deals on offer. If you'd like direct links to the major hire companies, click here to visit our Location page... just scroll down a bit.

Mandorah Ferry Terminal

Darwinbus/Mandorah Ferry
This site will give you the routes and timetables for Darwinbus, and the left-hand column has a link to Mandorah Ferry information. If you've got fishing in mind, you'll find the tide times here.

  • Darwinbus is the regular city bus service provided by the Northern Territory Government. Printed timetables and service route maps are available at our apartments, on request, or at the tourist Information Centre, corner Knuckey and Mitchell Streets and the Darwin Interchange. WALK MAP 33
  • The Mandorah Ferry leaves from the pontoon landing at the ferry terminal in Cullen Bay. WALK MAP 6 It's about a 15 min trip to Mandorah and currently costs $16 return; it's a good way to see our beautiful harbour, not to mention the cold beer reward on the other side.

Road Reports
This site will keep you up to date with road conditions right throughout the Northern Territory.

Harbour Cruises
There are a multitude of harbour cruises on offer, check around when you arrive, but amongst the more intimate cruises on offer are:
  • Darwin Harbour dinner cruising cruising aboard "Tumlaren" or "Alfred Nobel"; two lovingly restored schooners. For further information including pricing, click here to go to their web site.

          Bookings: Ph (08) 8942 3131

  • If smaller, catamaran cruising is more your style, contact "City of Darwin Cruises". Click here for more info.

          Bookings: Ph 0417 855 829

  • As these vessels carry a maximum of about 30 to 40 guests, bookings are nearly always essential but if you forget to book, call anyway, there could always be a spare seat!
  • Equinox Fishing Charters have three power boats, up to 10m, to take you out for the fishing trip of a lifetime. Whether you want a day trip on the harbour or a fishing safari, just click here, get out the credit card, and head off into the wild blue yonder, limited only by your imagination and bank balance!!



These sites are just a random collection of links that you can peruse at will. Some sites contain a wealth of information, some are entertaining to some people, some are probably quite useful, and others are most certainly not. Happy Days!!

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